Transferring knowledge
and wealth between

Teaminvest Private Group (ASX: TIP) is an ASX-listed
financial institution focussed on transferring knowledge
and wealth between generations.

TIP Group aims to be the financial institution of choice for first generation wealth,
linking the knowledge and capital accumulated over their careers with
the next generation of business leaders to achieve outstanding returns.

The private equity arm of TIP Group seeks to:


Assist successful business owners grow their business and enhance their legacy


Mentor the next generation of Australian business leaders


Support Australian business by filling a missing piece in the funding landscape

We exist because we believe that three fundamental challenges exist in the Australian SME landscape:

  • Access to capital
  • Access to strategic advice
  • How successful business leaders can continue to add value in retirement

Our job is to identify great Australian businesses who wish to turn their saplings into strong and lasting oak trees. We do this with our own proprietary method, and we invite you to consider participating. We are confident you will find it as rewarding as we do.

Patient Capital

Unlike major banks or other financiers, TIP provides a mix of equity and debt investments that have a long-term investment horizon. We offer patient capital and strategic guidance. This means we don’t look for quick wins, but rather investments where we can help mentor management to grow the business successfully for many years.

Advice, Wisdom & Experience

After making an investment, we seek to offer advice, wisdom and experience to the management of our portfolio companies.

We do this by providing a combination of board support, financial capacity and ongoing mentorship. Our investments are structured with a four to six member board, with approximately half appointed from our group of Selected Shareholders.

In addition to speaking to board members, each senior manager of a portfolio company is encouraged to develop personal relationships with mentors from within our group. This facilitates personal development and provides a sounding board to discuss ideas.

This access to experience, wisdom and mentorship across multiple levels is a unique part of our business model and provides our portfolio companies with a key missing ingredient to help bridge the transfer of knowledge between generations and best position our companies for success.

Three workers at a table

Selected Shareholders

A unique feature of our business model is “Selected
Shareholders” who are appointed to participate in the
investment process including: initial screening, due
diligence, ongoing governance and portfolio
company mentorship.

Selected Shareholders help foster the transfer of knowledge between generations, provide a way for Shareholders to actively engage in the Group and remain mentally stimulated, and provide portfolio companies with access to strategic advisers and mentors that would otherwise be inaccessible. It helps us make better investment decisions, get better returns from our investments, and bridge the SME funding and knowledge gap to the betterment of Australia as whole.
To be appointed, a Selected Shareholder must be a person who, in the Board’s view, possesses appropriate skills and acumen to conduct a thorough assessment of potential investments or to provide ongoing advice, guidance and mentoring.
Any Shareholder may apply to the Company to become a Selected Shareholder. We welcome your participation, but applications should not be made lightly. The Board and management apply a rigorous selection process in determining whether a Shareholder is appropriate to be appointed a Selected Shareholder. This process includes reviewing the applicant’s previous experience, interviewing the applicant to determine suitability, requiring the applicant to undergo training (where applicable) and the applicant agreeing to be bound by all Company policies including our investment philosophy, confidentiality obligations and the Company securities trading policy. In particular, Selected Shareholders will be subject to the same trading restrictions that apply to the company’s Board and management.
Acceptance of an application to become a Selected Shareholder is at the sole discretion of the company. To ensure the integrity of our business model, preserve confidential and potentially price-sensitive information, and maintain compliance with applicable laws and the rules of the ASX, we vet each application and reserve the right to reject (or terminate) any application at any time. An investor seeking to become a Selected Shareholder should seek their own advice before applying to ensure they are familiar with all relevant legal and compliance obligations.

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